Five Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts Around The World

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January 7, 2022

You are probably looking forward to your next ski vacation. There are thousands of resorts around the world but in this story we are going to share with you five of the most eco-friendly ones out there. Green energy, no plastic usage and biodiversity protection are just some of the top priorities of these snow paradises.

Avoriaz in France

Avoriaz is a ski resort in the French Alps which really takes care of its carbon emissions. First of all, cars have never been allowed in the resort which was opened in 1967. At the same time, the whole area relies on biofuels. SERMA, the company that manages Avoriaz, is committed to preserving the resort’s natural resources by paying special attention to water, snow and biodiversity protection. Additionally, it aims to lower its environmental impact through managing and minimizing power consumption and waste.

Zermatt in Switzerland

We completely understand that skiing or snowboarding may be your favorite sport and you want to treat yourself and Zermatt is Europe’s highest ski resort but also one of the most eco-friendly ones. Since 2002, a number of measures have been implemented to promote the resorts’ sustainability agenda: introducing photovoltaics in new cable cars and high altitude restaurants, using only electric vehicles and buses, and spending around more than CHF 1 million every year in novel initiatives.  As announced in the summer of 2019, the resort minimizes its carbon emissions by taking a green approach in resurfacing roads. The project uses waste plastic to create an environmentally-friendly pavement. The car-free Zermatt is also serious about biodiversity protection, having ten wildlife sanctuaries and six protective forests to take care of local species.

Source: Pexels

Serre-Chevalier in France

Serre-Chevalier in France aims to become self-sufficient in terms of green energy consumption. The ski resort relies mainly on solar power,  hydroelectric power and wind energy. Serre-Chevalier uses the water necessary for artificial snowmaking to also generate sustainable energy. The resort has solar panels installed on lifts as well as wind turbines on the highest summits.

Flaine in France

Flaine is completely free of traffic and convenient to reach which makes the air as clear as possible. Additionally, with the goal of preserving the biodiversity in the area, in 2008, the resort’s management decided to set up an Environmental Observatory covering an area of 1,400 hectares and spread over 5 communes. In 2016, the surrounding Grand Massif became the first Green Globe certified ski area. The resort relies entirely on green energy and works constantly to minimize its environmental footprint.

Jackson Hole in the USA

Jackson Hole is 100% wind powered and uses french fry oil to fuel its facilities. The resort also pays special attention to the design and construction materials used, with all projects undergoing a design review process to ensure that the most eco-friendly practices are followed. Additionally, the management of the resort works directly with all the businesses there and helps them in building a business strategy that focuses on more sustainable and ethically sourced products, materials, food, supplies, and merchandise.

Have you chosen where your next ski vacation would be?

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